Md. Life Beef Tallow Food Grade Soap Candle Making Cooking Skinc

Out Of Stock Md. Life Beef Tallow Food Grade Soap Candle Making Cooking Skinc

MD. Life Beef Tallow for Cooking - Food Grade Grass Fed Beef Tallow for Cooking Oil Replacement - 28 Ounces - Pasture Raised Keto Friendly Beef Tallow- Can be Used to Make Candles & Soaps

  • WHY BEEF TALLOW? Keto friendly tallow supports inflammatory health & helps regulate the immune system to provide deep nourishment for development and growth. For people on the keto-diet, beef tallow is a must have. This is because beef fat may help your body become a fat-burning machine by allowing it to go into a state of ketosis. Essentially, tallow helps to stimulate the production of glucagon. A high ratio between glucagon & insulin signals the body to release fat stores to burn as energy.*
  • BEEF TALLOW FOR COOKING - The high smoke point in our food grade, high quality cooking fat makes it an excellent replacement for generic cooking oil and well beloved by many chefs. This is as a result of beef tallow’s highly stable molecular structure made up of mostly saturated fats compared to less stable unsaturated fats found in vegetable oils. With its ability to impart a rich, umami taste to foods, beef tallow can be used for frying or flavoring any kind of dish.*
  • NUTRIENT RICH - Beef tallow may help with joint support. A multi nutrient fat, it’s also rich in fatty acids which may help to support brain growth, immune function, heart health and better calcium absorption. *
  • GREAT FOR SKIN: Grass Fed Beef tallow for skin has been known to be a powerful antioxidant that plays a critical role in maintaining healthy skin, vision and neurological brain function. Aside from these benefits, tallow is also environmentally friendly. Most vegetable oils like palm oil have a high carbon footprint and its production has led to widespread deforestation around the world. By comparison, grass fed, beef tallow contributes to a relatively low carbon footprint.
  • RENDERED BEEF FAT: also makes a great ingredient for candle making and soap making. Use beef tallow for rust-proofing your cast iron pots and weatherproofing your leather boots. Believe it or not, beef tallow for soapmaking can be used for washing and moisturizing the face. Beef fat is anti-inflammatory and rich in vitamins which may help improve impurities in the skin.*
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