Muenster Cheese Curds 1 LB.

Muenster Cheese Curds 1 LB.

Muenster Cheese Curds 1 LB.

Fresh, tangy, and creamy Muenster cheese curds are straight from Wisconsin cheese country. Made with milk from local cows, these Wisconsin cheese curds will be a big hit at your next party. Muenster cheese curds are firm with a mild taste and just the right hint of salt. Cheese curds are packaged in a plastic air-tight bag to lock in freshness.
  • White cheese curds can be hard to find outside of Wisconsin.
  • Deep fry and dip in your favorite sauce for a delectable treat the whole family will love.
  • Made with fresh milk from Wisconsin dairy cows.
  • The springy yet firm texture of these curds make these perfect snacking cheese.
  • Have these with your favorite beer for a taste of Wisconsin wherever you are.
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