Mushroom Complex Supplements - Mushrooms Supplement with Lions M...

New Mushroom Complex Supplements - Mushrooms Supplement with Lions M...

Mushroom Complex Supplements - Mushrooms Supplement with Lions Mane, Shitake Mushrooms, Turkey Tail, Chaga, Cordyceps Mushroom - Brain Booster Supplement for Memory - 2500mg 60 Immune Support Gummies

  • Finally, a delicious way to experience the benefits of mushrooms : immune boosting, brain enhancing, and overall health improvement- all these packed in a delicious berry flavor of Nutriana’s Mushroom Gummies!
  • Full 2500mg premium blend of mushrooms - Nutriana’s mushroom gummy contains 10 types of mushrooms carefully chosen for their health benefits. Experience the power of lions mane, turkey tail, reishi , cordyceps , chaga mushroom, and much more!
  • Unlock better brain performance - Give your brain a boost the natural way without the use of strong stimulants. Nutriana’s Mushroom Gummies are here to provide you with nature’s best nootropic focus mushroom supplement with just 2 gummies a day!
  • Help improve your overall health with stronger immunity - these 10 powerful mushrooms packed in delicious mushroom gummies not only enhance your mind, but also help strengthen your immune system. That means doing better while feeling better!
  • Made with you in mind - These mushroom gummies are vegan, gluten free, non-GMO, and proudly made in the USA. This makes a great replacement for powders, capsules, liquids, pills, tablets, syrups or tea.
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