Cashew Milk Concentrate By Joi | Make Your Own Fresh Cashew Milk

Cashew Milk Concentrate By Joi | Make Your Own Fresh Cashew Milk

JOI Cashew Milk Concentrate | Just One Ingredient | Make Your Own Nutrient Dense Fresh Cashew Milk | Unsweetened without Gums or Emulsifiers | Vegan, Keto, Paleo Friendly | 15oz | Makes up to 7 Qts

  • JOI CASHEW MILK CONCENTRATE: JOI’s game changing unsweetened cashew milk concentrate allows you to create your perfect vegan milk. Create up to 7 quarts of the freshest cashew milk with our innovative Nutbase. JOI did all the hard work for you so no more straining or soaking your nut milk! Your job is to add water and blend to your preferred consistency. You have total control over the final flavor and thickness of your milk.
  • JUST ONE INGREDIENT: The only thing in JOI is their patent-pending Cashew paste is California Cashews! JOI ditched the unnecessary preservatives, additives, gums, emulsifiers, and sugars so you are left with the best nutrient dense base. JOI uses 100% vegan, gluten free, kosher, keto friendly, paleo friendly whole foods and clean label ingredients sourced directly from high integrity farmers.
  • MAKE IT YOUR WAY: Add, Blend, EnJOI! Add 1-2 tbsp to 1 cup filtered water. Blend on medium-high for 30 seconds. Store freshly made nut milk in the refrigerator for up to 7 days. Looking to sweeten things up? Add a touch of salt or sprinkle your favorite low glycemic sweetener for an added bonus. Need a quick snack? Eat JOI straight out of the tub for high quality protein and plant fat. Once you’re done, store the container at room temperature, in the refrigerator or freezer for up to 12 months.
  • SAVE MONEY, FIGHT CLIMATE CHANGE: Each container is packed with nutrient dense, blanched California Cashews that make fresh nut milk, saving countless milk cartons from landfills. JOIcontainers are 100% recyclable and are safe in the microwave or dishwasher so reuse as you like. Ditch the milk carton and wasteful packaging and help fight climate change with JOI.
  • EXPLORE ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES: Designed for milk, made for more. Use more Nutbase for coffee creamer, add to smoothies, or blend with cocoa powder, maple syrup, and vanilla for a guilt-free chocolate “milk.” Go beyond milk and explore our endless stream of recipes designed to make eating whole food fun and easy. From plant based ice cream, high quality plant fat beverages, vegan mac n’ cheeze, baked goods, ketogenic pasta sauces, salad dressings, cocktails, low sugar pancakes and much much more.
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