Olive My Pickle | Probiotic Olives For Gut Health - KALAMATA OLI...

Olive My Pickle | Probiotic Olives For Gut Health - KALAMATA OLI...

Olive My Pickle | Probiotic Olives For Gut Health - KALAMATA OLIVES NO PITS 8 OZ. (1 PACK) Ships FREE

QUICK GUIDE FOR EATING FERMENTED FOODS FOR OPTIMIZED MICROBIOME HEALTH: 1. First, Eat Your Prebiotics: When it comes to your gut, prebiotics--highly fibrous foods-- will clean and prepare the environment to receive the full benefits of probiotic foods. Think of prebiotics as the primer and probiotics as the top coat. 2. Mix It Up: Your microbiome prefers an open relationship when it comes to bacterial diversity. Feed it a variety of lactobacillus-rich foods from different plant sources. 3. Drink That Brine: No joke, swig it down! Do a booster shot in the morning. Drink after practice, Olympian style. Brush on grilled veggie or blend into a green smoothie. 4. Don't Overdo It: With any new habit, the "not too crazy, not too lazy" approach is smart and sustainable. Target three servings a day as snacks or with meals. PACKAGING, TRANSPORT AND SHIPMENT OF FERMENTED PRODUCTS: We package and ship our products in flexible BPA and DEHA free plastic pouches. We cool-ship our products with earth-friendly insulation and ice packs. When the package arrives at your door the ice packages may be melted and that's okay. The insulation has kept the ferment "cool enough" in transit. Ferments can safely be transported unrefrigerated because it usually takes a few days for the live cultures to enliven and resume the process of fermentation. There is no danger of spoilage or harm to the live cultures during shipping. A result of moderate temperature fluctuation in transit is that fermentation may begin to resume inside your packages during the trip. The result will be CO2 gases that cause pouches to puff, which is normal and safe. Simply burp your package and refrigerator upon arrival. If a package leaks during transport as a result of this, simply rinse it off, refrigerate and enjoy. Thank you!
  • Please review the info below in "Product Description" about the Transport and Shipment of Fermented Products. Brine cured olives contain zero sugar and are made for olives lovers that appreciate health benefits of live, raw fermented foods.
  • 100% of our products are raw and unpasteuruized, containing live enzymes to aid digestion, increase immune system support and boost microbiome health.
  • Our brine cured olives are frequently third party lab tested and verified to contain over 4 billion CFUs (colony forming units) of lactobacillus bacteria per serving, including these specific strains: Lactobacillus plantarum and Lactobacillus pentosus.
  • Consuming probiotic rich foods daily correlates to good gut health; brine cured, live culture olives are an optimal food for weight loss, according to latest scientific studies.
  • These olives DO NOT CONTAIN pits.
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