Otafuku Okonomi Sauce 500 gr 17.6oz

Otafuku Okonomi Sauce 500 gr 17.6oz

Otafuku Okonomi Sauce, Vegan Japanese Topping for Okonomiyaki Pancakes (17.6 Ounces)

  • Okonomi or okonomiyaki sauce is a typical Japanese topping condiment for Japanese pancakes known as Okonomiyaki
  • Soy based and made with all vegan ingredients such as, date juice, carrots, garlic, shiittake mushrooms, apples, grain vinegar, Japanese spices, and other savory ingredients
  • Okonomi sauce is a descendant of Worcestershire sauce, but it is far sweeter and less salty than its British ancestor and is made without high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, nor distasteful preservatives.
  • Proudly made in Hiroshima, Japan since 1950 from Japan's most trusted and recognized Japanese sauce brand, Otafuku
  • Add both Otafuku Okonomiyaki Flour and Otafuku Okonomi sauce to your cart today to make your own delicious Osaka style Okonomiyaki pancakes in your home for you and your family
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