Papa Vince Olive Oil Extra Virgin, First Cold Pressed Family Har...

Papa Vince Olive Oil Extra Virgin, First Cold Pressed Family Har...

Papa Vince Olive Oil Extra Virgin, First Cold Pressed Family Har...

Papa Vince Olive Oil Extra Virgin, First Cold Pressed Family Harvest, Sicily, Italy | NO PESTICIDES, NO GMO | Unblended, Unfiltered, Unrefined, Rich in Antioxidants, subtle Peppery Finish | 16.9 fl oz

Papa Vince's is 100% Olive Juice; You can taste the olives. Each harvest will taste different. Be ready for a pleasant surprise!
Single Origin; Single-Family; Single-Orchard; Single-Country - Papa Vince's Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from our own orchards in Santa Ninfa, Sicily, Italy.

One-Variety; Mono-Cultivar - Papa Vince's Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made solely with Nocellara Del Belice olives

First Cold Pressed - If it wasn't, you would not be able to taste the olives, neither perceive the peppery kick in the back of your throat. The peppery kick in your assurance that Papa Vince is full of antioxidants.

Taste like Olives - Papa Vince's EVOO is pure Olive Juice made with only Fresh Green Olives. This is why we boast acidities of .26 and lower (FFA < 0.26) - characteristic of Premium EVOO's only.

Raw, Unfiltered and Cloudy- We refuse for the sake of beauty to filter out the nutrients and flavors that make Papa Vince's EVOO irresistibly delicious and healthy. Papa Vince is Raw, Unfiltered and consequently Cloudy

No Insecticides, No Herbicides, No Pesticides - The fresh wind of the hills keeps Papa Vince's Orchard healthy and fruitful year after year.

Excellent for Salads - Papa Vince's brightens the taste of your tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, carrots, and every ingredient in your salad to levels beyond imagination. Papa Vince EVOO, Salt and Pepper and you have the Best Salad Dressing Ever!

Amazing for Finishing & Seasoning - a spoon of Papa Vince's Raw EVOO on top of your Pastas, Soups, Steamed Vegetables, Pizzas and whatever you can dream of will deepen and enhance the flavor of your food to levels of deliciousness never thought possible. Just Yummy!
  • 100% Non-Blended Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Taste Like Olives w/ hints of Tomato, Artichoke & Pepper
  • Harvest Dec 2017 - Extremely light, No-After-Taste. Yummy for dipping and your everyday shot
  • Low Acidity (FFA < .26) - Full of Polyphenols (antioxidants) you can taste. So Fresh has 4-Year Shelf-Life
  • Hand-Picked & Pressed by our family in Sicily since 1935 - Great finishing & seasoning oil
  • Raw, Unrefined & Unfiltered - to preserve nutrients and flavors that make it delicious & healthy
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  • Brand: Papa Vince LLC
  • Product Code: B01MTR4NV9
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