Pataks Hot Lime Relish Spicy & Fruity Extra Hot 10oz

Pataks Hot Lime Relish Spicy & Fruity Extra Hot 10oz

Patak's Hot Lime Relish Spicy & Fruity Extra Hot 10oz

Product Information Indian Relishes: Are Preparations Of Exotic Friutes And Vegetables Cooked In Preserving Agents Such As Sugar, Salt, Oil And Vinegar And Finally Blended With Spices. They Are Savory In Taste And Are Traditionally Served With Indian Breads Or As A Main Meal Accompainiment. However, Their Uses Outside Of Indian Foods Are Limited Only By Your Imagination. Try Some With Salads, Cold Meats And Pizza Or Blend One Part Relish With Five Parts Mayonnaise To Make A Superb Savory Dip. Recipe:tortilla & Relish Roll-Ups 1. In A Food Processor, Combine Cream Cheese And Relish. Process Until Mixutre Is Smooth. 2. Divide And Spread The Mixture Evenly Betwwen Each Tortilla. Roll Tortillas Up And Wrap In Plastic Wrap And Chill Until Serving Time. 3. Just Before Serving, Remove Tortillas From The Plastic Wrap And Cut Into Pieces.
  • Premium Quality Pickles and Relishes
  • Imported From England
  • Popular Worldwide!
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  • Brand: Pataks
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