Peeled Black Garlic 5 oz.- Kosher Certifed

Peeled Black Garlic 5 oz.- Kosher Certifed

Peeled Black Garlic (5 oz.)- Kosher Certifed

The most convenient way to eat black garlic, featuring our legendary flavor profile and North American sourced garlic (non-GMO)! Black Garlic is black in color and has a soft/chewy texture. The product is packed in a screw top container for ultimate product freshness and ease of use. It contains a minimum of 1.5 mg S-ally-l-cysteine per gram of product, or about 6.7 mg/ clove. This is the highest quality Black Garlic at the best possible price, each lot takes in excess of 120 day to manufacture. Refrigerate after opening for best results. Our business is held to the highest standard of food safety we are audited by the State of Wisconsin, the FDA, the USDA, and our Kosher Certifier. Black Garlic North America is also Certified Level 2 to the SQF (Safe Quality Foods) Global Food Safety Initiative We guarantee our product and will refund your order if the product is less than satisfactory. Black Garlic North America is a business division of Wisconsin Fermentation Company LLC. Ingredients List: Garlic
  • Garlic Grown in the United States
  • 120 day Fermentation Process
  • Black, soft/chewy cloves are loosely packaged for ease of use
  • Guarantee to contain no less than 129 mg S-Allyl Cysteine per container
  • Kosher Certified
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