Sour Salt Crystal Citric Acid 7 Oz - Made From Fresh Citrus Fr

Sour Salt Crystal Citric Acid 7 Oz - Made From Fresh Citrus Fr

Sour Salt Crystal Citric Acid (7 oz) - Pure Spice for Cooking, Baking & Flavoring - Non GMO & Food Grade

  • MULTIPURPOSE: The citric acid properties are used not only for foods, but it is the main ingredient for making bath bombs with baking soda, or even can be used as a natural cleaner and for pH balancing or even craft making. This sour salt can also easily be carried in the purse in a little shaker for use when dining out.
  • ADD TANGY TASTE IN FOOD: The fine granular NON-GMO sour salt is a kitchen essential used for flavoring the food. It is used when a tangy and sour flavor is desired in the processed foods, dry foods, meat, candy, soft drinks or ice cream. It keeps fruits and vegetables fresh due to its citric acid content.
  • PRESERVATIVE BY ITSELF: These crystals of citric acid are made with fruit acid from natural citrus fruits like Lemon. Its weak organic acid preserves the Vitamin C content of foods and keeps food more tasty and fresh for a longer time. So, No Added Preservatives.
  • SUBSTITUTE FOR LEMON JUICE: Sour salt is not Salt, but it is an effective substitute for salt. Certainly, it is not just salt with lemon juice added. Sour salt is actually citric acid, a white crystalline compound with an acidic, tart taste; it is often used to furnish the sour taste element in sweet/sour dishes.
  • ASSURED QUALITY: Pereg Natural Foods is trusted for quality and freshness. Nothing leaves our facility unless it’s naturally fresh! We offer a premium quality promise.
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