Popcorn Bags 1.5oz Vintage Retro Style - Coated Oil/Grease Proof...

Popcorn Bags 1.5oz Vintage Retro Style - Coated Oil/Grease Proof...

Popcorn Bags 1.5oz Vintage Retro Style - Coated Oil/Grease Proof - Prevent Salt Popcorn Seasoning Popcorn Kernels & Pop Corn Oil to Drop - for any Popcorn Machine (Kraft / Red 10X4"(Medium)125pcs set)

  • MAKE YOUR SPECIAL EVENTS MEMORABLE: Bring the Magic back to your event. The Large Paper Red Printed Pop corn bags, will be the Highlight of your upcoming movie night, carnival, fair, circus, fundraisers, birthday party, Movie-Themed Parties, School event, date, or the next time you and your buddies are going to binge-watch the next TV-series. NOSTALGIC Kraft or White & Red Vintage Design you can incorporate into festive table decorations
  • MEDIUM SIZE TO SATISFY ALL YOUR GUESTS: No need to worry about opening a small bag and fitting popcorn into the narrow opening at the top. The 10” X 4” X 2.5” Medium size bags 1.5 oz no need to assemble, stick or place any parts together. Just grab & open the spacious pop corn bag. You can use any popcorn scooper or cup to fill it up with sweet or salty & hot popcorn. Easily fits four to five cups of pop corn
  • LEAK / GREASE PROOF = NO BUTTER ON CLOTHES. Our grease proof movie popcorn paper bags, let you, your friends, family members or your customers enjoy your tasty buttery popcorn without worry about butter or grease looking through onto clothing. Prevent Salt Popcorn Seasoning & Popcorn Kernels to Drop from the bag & grime your floor. Suitable for any Popcorn Machine & pop corn scooper. Food Safe Certified
  • FOOD GRADE - RECYCLABLE - HACCP CERTIFIED: Made in the EU by using Oil - Butter Proof, Food Grade paper, these Large popcorn scalloped edges type, pop corn bags are equal durable but way more cost effective than popcorn boxes. BUY IN BULK AND SAVE. Save money by ordering our 125 or 250 pack pop corn bags bulk. The most cost effective, Large size, Popcorn Party Supplies
  • EASY TO HOLD IN ONE HAND. Our two Ounce popcorn bags are ideal for festivals, concerts, Theater, movies, fairs, and other events where people will be moving around. You can easily hold this bag in one hand while walking around the venue. You can also easily fold the popcorn bag’s opening to keep your popcorns safe to eat whenever you want.
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