Raw Walnuts 2 Pound Bag - Oh! Nuts

Raw Walnuts 2 Pound Bag - Oh! Nuts

Oh! Nuts Raw Walnuts 2lb Bulk Bag | Shelled Healthy Mix of Chandler Halves & Pieces | Fresh & Healthy Keto Snacks | Chopped Nuts for Vegan, Paleo & Gluten-Free Diets | For Gourmet Baking & Cooking

  • SEALED TIGHT FOR FRESH CRISP WALNUTS: The shells of our raw Oh! Nuts walnuts seal tight and yield a fresher nut. As soon as we shell these organic nuts, we seal them in a heavy-duty, re-closable zip-lock bag – tasty freshness guaranteed.
  • HEALTHY SNACKING FOR THOSE MID-DAY MUNCHIES: These unsalted, certified Kosher walnuts are the perfect ingredient for super fresh Paleo, gluten-free, low-sugar, Keto-friendly, heart-healthy, vegan and carb-free diets and health-conscious people.
  • LIGHT WALNUT PIECES FULL OF PROTEIN & NUTRITION: This protein-packed nut is a great source of antioxidants, heart-healthy vitamins & minerals. Walnuts provide dietary fiber, the amino acid arginine, omega-3 fatty acids & alpha-linolenic acid (ALA).
  • SOFT BUT CRUNCHY, FRESH AND A CREAMY TEXTURE: These plump walnuts are great for snacking and complement your favorite recipes. Waldorf salad, nutty confections or even ground into a nut-crumb topping or flour, they are a high-quality ingredient.
  • SNACK ALL DAY THE HEALTHIER WAY: The Oh! Nuts brand is committed to quality and Kashrus. These gourmet walnuts have been sourced for flavor, texture & delicious fresh taste and are certified Kosher as well as completely additive free.
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