Ritual Zero Proof Gin - A nonalcoholic alternative with the tast...

Ritual Zero Proof Gin - A nonalcoholic alternative with the tast...

Ritual Zero Proof Gin - A nonalcoholic alternative with the taste, smell, and burn of botanical gin (750 mL)

Ritual Zero Proof is a nonalcoholic spirit alternative crafted from the same botanical essences that define gin. Bright green notes like juniper, angelica, lemongrass and pine complement a lush body and a crisp bite. The result is a sophisticated adult beverage - minus the alcohol and calories.

Like a veggie burger is to beef, or almond milk is to dairy, Ritual is an alternative to traditional gin. Made by drinkers for drinkers, our recipe is a labor of love perfected over hundreds of iterations. We use the finest all-natural botanicals, individually distilled for peak flavor, then carefully blended to mirror the nuanced flavor and crisp bite of American gin.

Spirit-free with soul, Ritual can be used one-to-one in all gin cocktails. It's the perfect partner to tonic, loves hanging out on the rocks with a twist of lime, and mixes a mean gimlet.

Ritual is made by a small group of friends with big liquor collections. We love spirits. But we also love options - like the ability to make a sophisticated drink without alcohol.

So whether you're downshifting, making a baby, on call, training for a marathon, or just want to crush tomorrow, you can always enjoy the Ritual.
  • NO ALCOHOL, NO LIMITS - Echoes the flavor, aroma, and bite of gin, without the alcohol or calories
  • DON'T REINVENT THE RECIPE - Swap one-to-one in your favorite cocktail, pour with tonic, or enjoy over ice
  • ALL-NATURAL BOTANICALS - Like juniper, angelica, lemongrass and pine
  • CLEAN AND HEALTHY - No alcohol, no allergens, gluten-free and zero calorie
  • BY DRINKERS, FOR DRINKERS - For when you're working, driving, training, dieting, parenting, staying out late or getting up early
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