Russian Borodinsky Bread Pack Of 2

Russian Borodinsky Bread Pack Of 2

Russian Borodinsky Bread (Pack of 2)

  • Includes Our Exclusive HolanDeli Chocolate Mints. 2 pack
  • Borodinsky bread (Russian: бородинский хлеб) is a dark brown sourdough rye bread of Russian origin.
  • Due to natural ingredient used in a bread and limited availability we only can ship this bread on Tuesday and Saturday. Also this bread has 5-7 days shelf life if you intend to use this bread after 7 days please keep it in a freezer.
  • Bread is traditionally made from a mixture of no less that 80% by weight of a whole-grain rye flour with ~15% of a second-grade wheat flour and ~5% of rye or, rarely, barley malt, leavened by a separately prepared starter culture made like a choux pastry, by diluting the flour by a near-boiling (95-96 °C) water, and adding the yeast after cooling the mix to 65-67 °C, but then mostly inoculated by the previous batches of dough instead of the dry yeast.
  • It is then sweetened and colored with beet sugar molasses, and flavored with salt and spices.
  • Love It: 1913
  • Brand: Russian Hleb
  • Product Code: B00NRUM60C
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