Sainsburys Custard Cream Busicuits 132g

Sainsburys Custard Cream Busicuits 132g

Sainsbury's Custard Cream Busicuits 132g

  • DECAF COFFEE: Decaffeinated Coffee Beans or Grounds.
  • WHISKEY INFUSED: Coffee is infused with the whiskey aroma and sweet oak wood flavors. This product does not contain alcohol.
  • BOURBON BARREL AGED: Whiskey Morning Coffee uses Texas used bourbon barrels to age coffee beans inside. The green coffee beans are aged inside barrel and then roasted.
  • FIRE ROASTED: After aging, the coffee is fire roasted to a smooth medium roast.
  • SMALL BATCH: Whiskey Morning Coffee is a small batch coffee roaster located in Tolar, Texas. Whiskey Morning Coffee is a fresher cup of coffee than large commercial roasters.
  • 10 OUNCE BAGS: Coffee is sold in 10 ounce bags with degassing valve to ensure maximum freshness.
  • WHOLE BEAN OR GROUND: Purchase coffee in either whole bean or already ground.
  • SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESS: Whiskey Morning Coffee is a small business that employ locals in the community. When you buy a bag from Whiskey Morning Coffee you are having a direct impact on a community.
  • HIGH QUALITY SPECIALTY COFFEE: Coffee beans are specialty higher quality coffee beans.
  • FAIR TRADE: All Coffee beans are purchased Fair Trade
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