San Pellegrino - Limonata Lemon Soda, 12- 11.15 oz. Cans

San Pellegrino - Limonata Lemon Soda, 12- 11.15 oz. Cans

San Pellegrino - Limonata (Lemon) Soda, (12)- 11.15 oz. Cans

Taste the Radiance of Sun-Ripened LemonsEnjoy the fresh-squeezed taste of SanPellegrino Sparkling Fruit Beverages. Since 1932, people around the world have loved this delicious Italian tradition. Limonata combines real lemon juice, sparkling water and a touch of pure cane sugar for a distinct refreshing flavor. Simply peel back the foil cover and open up the sun-ripened taste of SanPellegrino Sparkling Fruit Beverages any time you want to enjoy a splash of Italy. Taste a Splash of ItalyTransform any occasion into a delicious moment with SanPellegrino Limonata. Its zesty lemon flavor is fresh and vibrant, walking the line between sweet and tart for a refreshing taste experience. The finest lemons, sun-ripened in the south of Italy, give Limonata its authentic citrus flavor. Combined with the effervescence of sparkling water, the fresh-squeezed taste dances across your tongue with every sip. Every can is protected by the signature foil cover, making sure you taste nothing but the distinct flavor. With the 24-Pack, you'll always have this Italian tradition on hand for all of life's natural pleasures. A Delicious Italian TraditionSanPellegrino was inspired by the Italian tradition of preparing a delicious thirst-quenching fruit beverage called "spremuta," which translates to "squeezed juice." The finest fruits are selected and ripened in the sun of the vast groves of southern Italy, a region known for producing lemons and a wide variety of oranges. The fruit is then picked by hand at specific harvest times. Italian citrus is an essential ingredient for creating SanPellegrino Sparkling Fruit Beverages. Combined with the delicate bubbles of sparkling water, it creates the unmistakable taste people around the world have enjoyed for more than 80 years.
  • Product of Italy
  • Made with The Finest Italian Lemons & Sparkling Water
  • Amazingly Zesty Lemon Flavor Walks the Line Between Sweet & Tart
  • Delightfully Refreshing
  • (12)- 11.15 oz. Cans
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