Scrappys Bitters - Firewater Tincture, 5 Oz

Scrappys Bitters - Firewater Tincture, 5 Oz

Scrappy's Bitters - Firewater Tincture, 5 oz

  • Firewater Habanero Tincture is Scrappy's first official non-bitters product release. Perfect for adding clean spice and heat to any drink or dish without compromising the integrity of the base ingredients.
  • This Firewater Habanero Tincture balances the heat of habanero peppers with delicate floral notes, and subtle sweetness. It should be noted to exercise care in handling, and use very sparingly, as this tincture is extremely spicy.
  • Scrappy's was founded on the simple idea that bitters could be made better. By selecting the finest ingredients possible and holding every batch to the same impeccable standards, they deliver a bolder, truer flavor, making the best bitters for the best bartenders.
  • Scrappy's selects the finest herbs and zests all of its own fresh citrus by hand, never using oils or extracts. Every batch is made using Organic ingredients of the highest quality with No Artificial Flavors, Chemicals or Dyes.
  • Scrappy's processes and bottles natural ingredients in one location and numbers every batch after meticulous inspection. Scrappy's believes the only way to make bitters better is to make them by hand, and that's what they do.
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