Sel Magique Herb Sea Salt Classic Blend - Fleur de Sel From Fran...

Sel Magique Herb Sea Salt Classic Blend - Fleur de Sel From Fran...

Sel Magique Herb Sea Salt Classic Blend - Fleur de Sel From France, Natural & Unrefined, 8oz Resealable Bag

The Sel Magique Company specializes in fine Fleur de Sel salt blends, hand harvested and imported from Guérande, France. We produce in small quantities to ensure quality, then seal and age the blends to infuse the herb and spice essences into the salt crystals, allowing the flavor and aroma of the blend to develop, much like a fine wine. This time-tested technique ensures the very high quality and delicious flavors of our very versatile, distinctive blends. World-class chefs, celebrities, and thousands of customers trust Sel Magique, try it for yourself and Elevate Your Everyday 100% Natural. 100% Delicious.
  • CLASSIC BLEND: A savory body that finishes with a subtle herbal note enhancing a wide variety of foods. Classic Blend is batch-blended from five all-natural ingredients: our Fleur de Sel de Guerande, Lavender, Thyme, Savory, and Marjoram.
  • FLAVOR: Add to fresh vegetables for an enhanced depth of flavor. The mineral-rich saltiness and subtle herbal notes enhance anything to bring out the best possible taste. From your morning eggs to your lunchtime salads or an evening culinary creations our Sel Magique signature salt blends is a go-to seasoning for all! Make anything gourmet in a dash!
  • MAGIC OF MAGIQUE: A magnitude of benefits are inside the complex crystals of Fleur de Sel - the highly prized, hand-harvested sea salt is high in trace minerals like magnesium, potassium, calcium, zinc and iron.
  • IMPORTED FROM FRANCE: Sel Magique is hand-harvested & batch-blended with herbs in Geurande, France, a world-famous region known for its premiere sea salt.
  • SUPERIOR: Fleur de Sel has a more dynamic flavor then ordinary iodized table salt and it is unrefined making it a much healthier alternative. Try our Fleur De Sel blends and you'll notice the difference! Sel Magique Signature Salt Blends are the go-to seasoning for World-class chefs, celebrities, and thousands of customers.
  • ALL NATURAL: Our salt is always 100% natural / vegetarian / vegan / GMO-free / no preservatives / gluten free / MSG free
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