Simplythick Easy Mix Gel Thickener- 50 Ct 32Oz Servings

Simplythick Easy Mix Gel Thickener- 50 Ct 32Oz Servings

SimplyThick EasyMix | 50 Count of 48g Bulk-Serving Packets | Gel Thickener for Those with Dysphagia & Swallowing Disorders | Creates A Mildly Thick, Nectar Consistency (IDDSI Level 2)

  • SIMPLE APPLICATION - Enjoy the ease and convenience of SimplyThick’s pre-measured packets that allow for fast and easy preparation of beverages! Create the consistency of mildly/nectar thick (IDDSI level 2) with these 48 gram packets of gel thickener. Simply combine 1 packet of SimplyThick EasyMix per 32 ounces of beverage. Are you wanting to make a gallon instead of a quart? Add four bulk packets!
  • FAST MIXING THICKENER - If you have ever used another xanthan gum thickener, from the moment you first try mixing SimplyThick EasyMix, you will immediately understand the value and the main benefit of simple beverage preparation. Its liquid form can thicken any beverage, hot or cold, within 30 seconds and not alter or leave any bad after-taste of the drink of choice. Thicken more and worry less with SimplyThick!
  • SAFE AND STABLE USE - Powders aren't good at thickening carbonated beverages and they foam and make a mess! Simply Thick can mix with a large number of unique beverages and won’t clump like powder thickeners, or make a mess. The unique formulation means that the thickening agents cannot swell and create blockages. Mix it with any utensil; it’s straight-forward and easy to do. Just add, mix and serve.
  • A HEALTHY OPTION - Labeled to comply with the standards of the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI), this mixture comes with many benefits. It is Kosher, Non-Gluten, no/low Glycemic Impact, Vegan/Vegetarian, and is free from many common allergens.
  • REASONS TO MIX - This product maintains its consistency and its thickness level does not change over time. Prepare beverages long before they are served! SimplyThick is fully hydrated allowing you to quickly thicken any drink in just 30 seconds. The product is safe to use for 12 months after its manufacture date, either opened or unopened.
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