Smoking Bloody Mary Mix Gourmet, Spicy, The Perfect Balance Of S

Smoking Bloody Mary Mix Gourmet, Spicy, The Perfect Balance Of S

Ultimate Mary Mix Gourmet, Spicy, The Perfect Balance of Seasoning and Vegetables for an Amazing Cocktail Beverage Drink. Great for Restaurants just add Vodka (Mary Mix Gal, Single Unit)

  • HANGOVER CURE from the Gods! This Instant Bloddy Mary Seasoning - Don't buy expensive Cocktail Kits - This is all you need! Mixes instantly - Flavors Instantly - Nothing will stick in your teeth
  • BLOODY MARY ANYWHERE!: Have you found yourself without several components for your next Bloody Mary, only to find yourself at the store holding $30 worth of expensive spices and ingredients in your hand? Are you really going to use them that fast? Maybe when you got home, your famous mix didn't quite turn out that good this time around.. :( Try a mix that is consistent every single time you make one.
  • JUST ADD ALCOHOL: Makes BIG BLOODYS. Add your favorite Vodka or Beer and you are on your way to one relaxing day!
  • ALL YOU NEED TO ENJOY: Our mix has natural spice, cucumbers, dill seed, celery salt, heat, garlic, and vegan Worcestershire! Add a couple dashes of your favorite hot sauce like tabasco to put some heat into it - Absolutely delicious and tried by thousands!
  • GET YOURS TODAY: This is the mix that you need when you go camping, flying or on a cruise. Just bring the booze and you are all set. Classic taste and long lasting flavor with perfect mouth feel! Bad bloody? Fix it. No space for tons of ingredients? All you need is right in this bottle. Don't know how to make a good Bloody? Take our Smoking Bloody Mary Mix with you. Try it Satisfaction Guaranteed
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