Sprouted Wheat - Bread - Artisan Loaf - 2 pack

Sprouted Wheat - Bread - Artisan Loaf - 2 pack

Sprouted Wheat - Bread - Artisan Loaf - 2 pack

We set out to make bread with three ingratiates. Organic wheat. Filtered water. Sea Salt. Period. No flour. No commercially derived yeast. No dough-enhancers, no sugars, no preservatives, no so-called clean labels ingredients such as; "vinegar", "cultured wheat" or "albumen". Nothing but wheat, water and salt. Oh, sorry, there's one more ingredient we can't make this bread without. And that's a baker. And that single ingredient makes our bread unique among the slush of sprouted grain breads found on Amazon and on store shelves everywhere. Those breads employ machine minders. We are bakers. We are skilled and dedicated and that makes all the difference in the world. Even if you don't buy our bread, we strongly suggest you support your local neighborhood baker. Just make sure they use a sourdough starter and, if possible, they work with sprouted grains. If you don't have a neighborhood baker who can fit that description, we'll be happy to bake your bread for you and ship it to your home. * A recent lab analysis of our bread for gluten content shows our bread comes in at 81 parts per million. The threshold for any gluten free product is 20 ppm. The average wheat based product is approx 10,000 ppm and can go much higher. Want the results? Contact us and we will send you the lab results. Note: These loaves are hand shaped and naturally leavened. Therefore, they are not uniform in size, just weight. *Loaves are sliced unless otherwise requested. Contact Baker@columbiacountybread.com.
  • Sprouted organic Wheat
  • sourdough
  • Ingredients; organic sprouted wheat, filtered water, 1% mineral salt
  • Hand shaped and baked by bakers not machines
  • Certified Kosher by Earth Kosher
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