Swerve Sweetener, Brown, 12 ounces

Swerve Sweetener, Brown, 12 ounces

Swerve Sweetener, Brown, 12 ounces

The secret to Swerve's zero-calorie sweetness is a combination of erythritol and oligosaccharides. Erythritol is made by fermenting glucose with Moniliella pollinis, a natural microorganism, similar to fermentation processes that occur in breweries. Erythritol also naturally occurs in many fruits and vegetables like melons, grapes and asparagus, and the FDA classifies it as a zero-calorie, 4-carbon sugar alcohol that does not affect blood glucose. Oligosaccharides are sweet, non-digestible carbohydrates sourced from select fruits and starchy root vegetables. Oligosaccharides are prebiotic fibers, so they're not only tasty, but they can help multiply beneficial gut bacteria. Swerve sources the highest quality raw materials available. All Swerve ingredients originate from the United States and Europe, with no ingredients from China. Likewise, companies based in the United States produce all of Swerve's packaging and packaging components. Cup-for-cup, Swerve replaces sugar in all of your recipes. If you need a half cup of sugar, simply replace with a half cup of Swerve. And you won't get any bitter aftertaste that many people associate with high intensity sweeteners like stevia and monkfruit. With zero net carbohydrates, Swerve does not impact blood sugar or insulin levels, so this keto friendly sweetener helps everyone concerned about weight management. You can easily use Swerve in all of your low-carb baking and cooking recipes without the worry of a blood sugar spike. Just like fiber, when counting macros you can subtract any Swerve that is used in your recipe to get a true net carb count. Entirely Non-GMO, natural, with nothing artificial and non-glycemic. Basically, use Swerve just like ordinary sugar for sweetening just about anything, but consume zero calories from the sweetener.
  • TASTES AMAZING: Brown Swerve is sweet and delicious. It is a natural brown sugar replacement that does not have the bitter aftertaste associated with other sweeteners like stevia and monkfruit.
  • MEASURES LIKE BROWN SUGAR: If your recipe calls for a cup of brown sugar; simply replace with a cup of Swerve. Since it measures just like brown sugar, using Swerve in your favorite recipes will be a breeze.
  • ZERO NET CARBS: The ingredients in Swerve do not affect blood sugar, so the carbohydrates it contains are considered non-impact.
  • KETO-FRIENDLY: Because Swerve is non-glycemic, it is the perfect sweetener to use in Ketogenic recipes.
  • NON-GMO VERIFIED: Only the highest quality ingredients are used. The Ingredients in Swerve come from Europe and North America - there are no ingredients from China
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