Tennessee Bourbon Whiskey Premium Essence 10 Pack | Bootleg Kit ...

Tennessee Bourbon Whiskey Premium Essence 10 Pack | Bootleg Kit ...

Tennessee Bourbon Whiskey Premium Essence 10 Pack | Bootleg Kit Refills | Thousand Oaks Barrel Co. | Gourmet Flavor for Cocktails Mixers and Cookery | 20ml .65oz x 10 sachets

  • Make Your Own Tennessee Bourbon Whiskey flavored spirits at home using Swish Barrel Premium Essence. Swish Barrel essences are specially formulated to mimic the taste of premium spirit mash bills and distilling styles. When combined with a neutral spirit such as vodka, moonshine, or grain alcohol the taste can be indistinguishable from many known brands.
  • Tennessee Bourbon Whiskey essence is the classic American corn whiskey taste, slowly filtered through 10 feet of sugar maple charcoal to get its unique taste. This filtering method is called the Lincoln County Process and is required for all Tennessee whiskies. The flavor expands and oak notes are imparted when aged in a small or mini oak barrel.
  • For connoisseur tastes, age your spirits in an authentic Thousand Oaks Barrel! Mini aging barrels will accelerate the aging process due to the higher surface to alcohol ratio of the barrel and provide additional flavor notes inherent only in Top Shelf 10 to 20 year aged products.
  • NEW… ECO Friendly Packaging. Swish Barrel Essence now come in soft pack leak proof packaging. Same flavor better package. Soft pack packaging extends the shelf life of the essence and eliminates leaking. Maximize storage of your extra essence.
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