Tiger Pop Lollipops -5 lb.

Tiger Pop Lollipops -5 lb.

Tiger Pop Lollipops -5 lb.

Have you ever found yourself in a quandry for what to eat? We know that decision making can be tough. With so many options out there, what's a candy lover to do? While you could waste a lot of time debating your options, we have a better idea for you. How about choosing a treat that lets you have a little more variety? Now, that sounds like a plan, doesn't it? If you agree, then these Tiger Pop Lollipops are just what you've been craving. A great way to get the best of multiple flavor worlds, our Tiger Pop Lollipops are a ton of fun! These are ideal for the indecisive among us. With two different flavors wrapped up in one lollipop, you really can't go wrong. Plus, since there are 40 pops per pound, you should have more than enough to go around! So go ahead! Dual-flavored bliss is just a few clicks awa. Tiger Pop Lollipops are great for those who can never make up their minds. With two flavors in each pop and 40 pops per pound, you should be able to satisfy your cravings...at least for a little while.
  • See's Candies 1 lb. 5 oz. Halloween Assorted Lollypops
  • Pack of 1
  • Love It: 674
  • Brand: Dorval
  • Product Code: B0757Y3D54
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