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True Salt Kosher Grain Salt -All Natural Gourmet Sea Salt - Perfect for Keto, Grilling, BBQs, Baking, Soups, Steaks, Chicken, Seafood, Sauces, Popcorn, Picnics, and Camping - 16 oz Pouch (2 Pack)

  • FLAVOR - Our natural, hand-harvested sea salt will change the way you see salt. Each grain provides a unique experience, enhancing the flavor of your favorite dish. KOSHER GRAIN is design to be the foundation ingredient for all of your recipes. The texture and grain size enable accurate portion control and measurement. Compare True Salt to your table salt at home, and prepare to be blown away.
  • HEALTHY - Our promise is to give you a clean salt that you can count on. Free from all the things you don’t want in your food and full of all the natural flavors that a real, true sea salt provides.
  • ALL NATURAL - True Salt is all natural, unrefined, and unprocessed sea salt. It's free of chemicals and anti-caking agents often found in other salts. Replacing your table salt with True Salt is an easy way to improve your daily health routine.
  • HAND-HARVESTED SALT - True Salt is cultivated and hand-harvested by salt masters that have been doing this for generations. We’ve worked hard to ensure that True Salt is produced both sustainably and responsibly. Our commitment to doing things right means that you get the highest quality, all natural salt.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - True Salt is a small business hand-harvesting sea salt from the Sea of Cortez for generations. Try True Salt and taste the outstanding difference, or you'll get your money back. Check out our other great salt products here on Amazon.
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