Up Your Water Game Bundle

Up Your Water Game Bundle

"Up Your Water Game" Bundle

Chances are you're probably not drinking enough water, especially in the warm summer months. Keep yourself and your loved ones hydrated with this tasty bundle. Kick your soda habit to the curb and banish artificially flavored beverages from your diet. 4-5 different varieties of produce are included in each bundle, enough to lightly infuse your water for the week with the flavors of just-picked fruit, veggies and herbs. Sample Spring Bundle: basil, strawberries, cucumbers, lemons. Sample Summer Bundle: watermelon, grapes, mint, cucumbers, blueberries. All produce is sourced directly from local farms including Anna's Family Farm, Burkart Organics, Denny's Organic Farm, Garcia Organic Farms, Gourmet Specialties, Ha's Apple Farm, JF Organic Farms, Jimenez Farm, John Givens Farm, Ken's Top Notch Produce, Moua's Farm, Naylor Organics, Polito Family Farms, Pudwill Berry Farms, Rancho La Familia, Sahu Subtropicals, Smith Farms, Summer Harvest Farm and Tamai Family Farms. To prepare farmers market flavor-infused water: Slice or lightly macerate washed fruit, veggies and herbs in your favorite combinations and add to a fruit infuser water bottle, or place in a large loose tea infuser and toss into your chosen drinking vessel, then fill up with water (or sparkling water!) and ice.
  • Fruit, vegetables and herbs selected by our personal food shoppers.
  • 4-5 different varieties of produce per bundle.
  • This bundle most likely includes berries, cucumbers, lemons, mint and/or basil.
  • Selections vary according to the season and availability.
  • Produce sourced from local farms, most of which utilize organic and sustainable growing practices.
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