Wasabi-Os Oiginal Wasabi Sauce 62 g - 1 bottle uses Real Wasabi...

Wasabi-Os Oiginal Wasabi Sauce 62 g - 1 bottle uses Real Wasabi...

Wasabi-O's Oiginal Wasabi Sauce 62 g - 1 bottle uses Real Wasabi. It's innovative s ideal not only with Sushi, Salmon and Sashimi, but also other forms of seafood, grilled meats and vegetarian dishes

The Best Choice of Wasabi is Wasabi sauce "Wasabi" is also refer to as "King of herbs" due to its healthful qualities After year of research & development, we have finally a technology to preser to pungency in fresh grated wasabi and finally come out with a "Wasabi-o, Wasabi sauce". Wasabi-o, Wasabi Sauce is made from fresh grated wasabi and uses special proprietary technology to control the consistency of its quality and pungency, its quality freshness are comparable to Fresh grated Wasabi. Wasabi sauce is another exquisite creation of "Chef kani" it use "Real" Wasabi and is recommended to be used as Dipping Sauce not only with Sashimi, but also with all kinds of meat in any cuisine. it is the newest alternative and most exciting Hot sauce.
  • ♥Great value: Wasabi sauce or Hot sauce or Chili Sauce is a Spicy and Sour, Wasabi Sauce that maintains the Kick of Wasabi Hotness. Greatest break-through in hot sauce, designed to bring excitement to both Japanese and non-Japanese cuisines.
  • ♥Wasabi Sauce Brand Wasabi-O : Is processed using only fresh ingredients with the ultra strict hygienic and quality control standards. Its zesty flavor is ideal for spicing up any cuisine and has been enjoyed by many around the world.
  • ♥How to use: Wasabi Sauce that can be eaten with Sushi, Salmon, Sashimi, Seafood, Steak, Burger, Croque Madame, Oyster, Chicken, Pork, Beef etc. every savoury menu, as well as create a new menu that is different from the original menu
  • ♥Occasion & Size: Bottle 13.5 * 4.0 CM Wight 62 g/bottle, Cookout every years then with wasabi sauce! whether it's for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, or as a Main meal, Appetizer, Dessert, even Beverages, you can enjoy Wasabi-o. and Fancy Housewarming Gift or Great Fever Gifts.
  • ♥About wasabi: Wasabi Sauce delicious and healthy. The ideal condiment for your Sushi Experience with an Extra punch. Also ideal for Vegetarians and Vegans alike.
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