Raw Cashew Pieces By We Got Nuts: Unsalted &Unroasted\ Cashew Ha...

Raw Cashew Pieces By We Got Nuts: Unsalted &Unroasted\ Cashew Ha...

Raw Cashew Pieces By We Got Nuts: Unsalted &Unroasted\ Cashew Halves For Cashew Milk, Cheese &Butter -Delicious &Nutritious Snack, Packed FreshIn A Resealable Airtight Bag -3 Pounds

Don't Go Nuts, We Got Nuts!

More specifically, we have the most delicious raw cashew tree nuts in halves and small pieces so that you can process them more easily!

You can use the raw cashews to make your very own cashew milk, cheese and butter at home.

These cashew by-products are unbelievably healthy and ideal for you if you are vegan and gluten or lactose intolerant.

So Why Are Cashew Nuts So Nutritious?

If you consume 1 Oz of raw cashew nuts, you will get your recommended daily nutrient intake of:

• magnesium
• copper
• iron
• vitamin B6
• manganese
• phosphorus
• selenium

Raw cashew nuts are a great source of these and many more beneficial elements that will help your body function better and be healthier!

Your Raw Cashew Pieces Will Stay Fresh Until You Use Them All!

It doesn't matter how long it will take you to consume the very last cashew nut of this 3 pound bag.

Thanks to its resealable and airtight design, the bag can keep you raw cashews fresh for as long as it takes!

We Got Nuts Has Got Your Back!

These raw cashew halves have been tested and qualified by Kosher with a circle K certification, which guarantees their purity and quality.

So you can be 100% confident when making this purchase that these raw cashews are the best choice!

So what are you waiting for? Get a 3-pound We Got Nuts raw cashew bag and taste the freshest and tastiest cashew nuts!

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  • THE MOST DELICIOUS CHASHEW NUTS:Are you looking for a nutritious and, at the same time, delicious snack? Cashew nuts are not only unbelievably tasty, but they're also full of copper, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, selenium, and vitamin B6. In other words, they can benefit your overall health!.
  • MAKE CASHEW MILK, CHEESE &BUTTER AT HOME:You can use the We Got Nutsraw cashewpieces tomake cashew milk, whichis creamier yet much lighter than regular milk. You can also use the raw cashew halves to make your own cashew cheese and butterat home. Raw cashews are a perfect solution for lactoseintolerant people!
  • BAG THAT KEEPS THEM FRESH FOR LONGER:These raw cashewtree nuts arepacked fresh. In order to keep them freshfor as long as possible,we have packed them in a resealable airtightbagthat doesn'tallow anyair to escape or go in.Even thevery last cashew piece is going to be in an excellent condition!
  • CERTIFIED FOR THEIR PURITY AND QUALITY:How do you know youcan trust the quality and value of the We Got Nutsraw cashew halves? These cashews have been qualified by Kosherwith a circle K certification. This means that they are 100%pure and full of nutrients, so you can consume them daily without any fear!
  • EVERYONE LOVES CASHEW NUTS:If you follow a vegan and gluten free diet, you can eat the We Got Nutscashew nutswithout any problems! Raw cashews (as well ascashewby-products) are ideal for a gluten free and vegan diets, and they can provide you with multipleessential vitamins.How could you say noto such a deliciousand beneficial snack?
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