uses Perpetual Media Group to develop grocery industry information and research. We are engaged in activities ranging from publishing information, research, news, opinion and analysis; to offering directory services, marketplaces and direct selling for food and grocery manufactures and suppliers.

Information and Research

At, our main online property, we present standardized profiles about every major grocery retailer, brand, manufacturer and supplier in the USA and around the world. These profiles contain description, history, geographical and financial data, general contact information plus job opportunity and weekly circular links. The information, researched through a variety of public and direct sources, is authoritative and cited by many online publications. Note that we are not affiliated with any of the retailer or brands covered on this website.

News and Opinions

Our editors and writers scout newspapers, magazines, government publications, the web and other sources to provide fresh content about products, brands, stores, manufacturers, suppliers, and developments. Our news section provides everything from in-depth product reviews by independent foodies to food safety alerts and new product introductions.

Local Shopping

An enhanced, interactive listing of neighborhood grocers, growers, bakers, makers, butchers, fish mongers, wine stores and farmer’s markets. Get a clear online perspective of what’s available locally with profiles, specialties, and weekly/daily specials, as well as free weekly emails of top specials. What’s new, fresh, just made, ready to eat, finally ready (wine), harvested yesterday and so on. For the first time, local grocers and residents have an open communication channel at one reputable source. And we’ll all save tons of trees.

Grocery Shopping

Shopping for specialty groceries. Here you’ll find a selection of small to medium brands taking the opportunity to present their products on a national stage. We put brands on the map and give customers and independent grocers opportunities to explore, sample or purchase products that have limited distribution. Our selection is innovative, growing, affordable, and ready for you to browse.