Ben Davis – Boca Raton, FL

Managing Editor and director at Perpetual Media Group where I oversea day to day content creation and publishing. My experience comes from hard work, long hours, and interaction with with masters of broadcast journalism, magazine editors and publishers throughout my career. Prior to joining PMG, I was a the editor at a Miami based Food & Grocery Magazine and a regular guest at Miami Radio and TV station Trends in Food Shopping, Food Safety and Restaurant Review. I do my grocery shopping at a nearby Whole Foods Market.

Maria Walsh – Los Angeles, CA

Versatility and experience of 10 years of writing, editing, and managing an online magazine. Former managing editor for Food and Beverage Magazine, editor of online Food Review LA, Raw Foods, and Functional Foods Blogs on Yahoo Health Channel. Living in Sherman Oaks LA, a mother of three super active, outdoorsy girls. Worked with Perpetual Media since 2008 and with since 2010. I do my grocery shopping at my local Whole Foods.

Cheryl Gabriel – Fort Lauderdale, FL

Frist and foremost I’m a mom, busy raising my kids children in the sunshine state. Professionally, I have been an analyst at Information Resources crunching data and writing elaborate reports for retailers, consumer packaged goods companies and trade publications. I covered food, health and beauty as well as beverages. Since moving to the Sunshine State with my husband I have been a freelance writer and I love it much more. I joined Perpetual Media in 2010. I do most of my grocery shopping at the local Publix.

Monica Kleinberg – New Paltz, NY

Seasoned writer for nutrition and fitness magazines, and various diet and nutrition web sites. I am a former dietitian, I worked mostly with children and families in Ulster County NY, where I provided nutrition counseling and fitness education. Challenging times. Now I write about health, nutrition, dieting, juvenile obesity, family health, smarter food shopping, etc. I am a regular contributor for I do my grocery shopping at my local Stop&Shop.