S&M Enterprise S&M Enterprise (USA) announced a voluntary recall for its Rain Swiss Rolls product because of the presence of undeclared egg, which is considered to be a food allergen.

The recall was announced April 20, after it was discovered on a routine sampling of the product. Laboratory Analysts of the State’s Department of Agriculture and Market food inspection were able to find the presence of egg in the product yet it was not included on the list of ingredients printed on the label. The recalled product comes in two varieties: Strawberry Swiss rolls and Coconut Swiss rolls. Every retail pack of the product has a net weight of 160 grams. Rain Swiss Rolls is a product imported from China.

Food allergens such as eggs, can trigger allergy attacks in people who have sensitivity to it. Allergy attacks can be serious risks to one’s health, especially to those who already have pre-existing medical conditions like heart disease. In worst cases, allergy attacks can sometimes be fatal. Thus, it is important that any food allergens be listed if it is an ingredient in a certain food product.

Currently, there have been no allergy attacks or any other health incidences that were reported because of the recalled products. The recalled Swiss rolls have been distributed to various retail stores all over the country. There are no lot or other distinguishing numbers for identification.

Consumers who bought the recalled product and have hypersensitivity to eggs are advised to return them to the store in exchange for a refund. They may also call the company at 917-662-7995 for any concerns or questions they may have about the recall.