Bloom is a mid-grade grocery store chain operated by its parent company Food Lion. The company has its headquarters in North Carolina, USA.


The idea to create what is now a chain of grocery stores started in 2002. The management of Food Lion realized that consumers’ expectations, behaviors and needs were constantly changing, becoming more varied. Food Lion then created a concept that aimed to examine customers, as well as retail trends. Soon after, Bloom was born.

The first Bloom stores were opened in 2004 in the area of Charlotte, North Carolina. Originally, the stores were called “Bloom, A Food Lion Market,” but the name was later shortened to just Bloom. Food Lion opened the first Bloom stores as a test market. The founders wanted to implement the idea of maximizing shopper convenience through a layout that was considered unconventional.

This unconventional layout included tabletop sections at the stores’ entrance, convenient food groupings and wider aisles. In most Bloom stores, customers can purchase milk at the stores’ front. This offers customers the convenience of not having to walk all the way through the stores, where milk products are normally located.

Bloom also worked to differentiate itself from other stores through the implementation of a technology that is consumer-friendly. Examples of this technology include self-checkout stands, produce scales that are accompanied by printers for creating barcode tags, and barcode scanners. The stores’ tabletop sections also offer high-quality ready-to-eat dinners for meal solutions. Additional services offered at the store include lottery, DVD rental and shipping.

Since the stores’ inception, it has used three slogans: “Thought for Food,” “A Food Lion Market” and “A Different Kind of Grocery Store.” The last slogan was used to emphasize how the store promotes maximum customer convenience. By 2010, there were already 65 Bloom stores in different parts of the country.

In March of 2011, Delhaize America (Food Lion’s parent company) announced that it will be converting 15 Bloom stores in the area of Charlotte (North Carolina) and Greenville (South Carolina) into Food Lion grocery stores. Delhaize America felt that converting these stores into Food Lion grocery stores would better serve both Charlotte and Greenville.

Headquarters:Salisbury, North Carolina
Ownership Type: A subsidiary of Food Lion, LLC
Employees: Information not available
Demography: Grocery products consumers

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