Booths is a chain of supermarkets based in the United Kingdom. The stores sell a wide variety of food, beverages and wines.


Booths was founded in 1847 by the then-only 19-year old Edwin H. Booth. With the money he borrowed from a business mentor, Booth started with a single shop and named it ‘The China House.’ His small shop was located in Blackpool and primarily sold different varieties of tea. After three months, Booth was able to return the money he borrowed as capital, and even made a significant profit. Booth soon started expanding his stock and began looking for additional quality goods that he could sell in his shop.

In 1855, while Booth was in France, he discovered a French coffee product from Count Simon’s. He then started selling this particular coffee in his store. In 1902, Booth’s stores added cafés and started growing. The cafés in the stores added to their appeal, and increased the activity in every Booth’s store.

In 1863, Booths started moving into the trade of spirits and wines, thanks to changes made in licensing laws. In 1879, several Booths branches opened in the area of Lytham. In 1884, several more branches of Booths opened in the area of Blackburn.

In 1920, under John Booth’s (Edward’s son) leadership, the private company opened for staff who wanted to become shareholders. This was John Booth’s way of expressing his appreciation to the stores’ staff who enthusiastically worked in the stores. Today, Booths has at least 26 stores in different parts of the country. These stores are located in different parts of Cheshire, Cumbria, Lancashire and Yorkshire.

Ever since its inception, the store chain has stuck to its original philosophy, which was to acquire what best goods are available and sell them in stores that are attractive and staffed with first-class assistants. Booths has also entered into a partnership with Slow Foods, a company that supplies the stores with fresh, high quality foods.

Booths is also committed to promoting sustainability. Since 2006, the company has been continuously working on how to reduce, if not eliminate, the emissions of greenhouse gases that the stores or its suppliers produce.

Headquarters: Preston,UK
Ownership Type: Private
Geography: UK
Demography: retail food and beverage consumers



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