5138203415_88ddfebd0e_zButterfinger is a unique candy bar with a crispy, peanut-butter taste. Butterfinger was originally a candy bar with a crisp, orange-colored center coated in compound chocolate. Manufactured by Nestle since 1990, the Butterfinger candy bar is often associated with the slogan “Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger!” Butterfinger is undoubtedly an exclusive type of candy bar that is recognized by consumers immediately for its quality and unique properties.

Butterfinger was first created and produced by the Curtiss Candy Company, a company that functioned in Chicago, Illinois, back in 1923. The name of the newly invented bar was chosen in an untraditional manner as a result of a public contest. The brand eventually gained its extreme popularity during the initial publicity campaigns when Butterfinger and Baby Ruth candies were dropped from airplanes throughout many cities in the US.

The Curtis Candy Company was actually a brand of Standard Brands Inc. In 1981, RJR Nabisco took over Standard Brands and therefore the right to produce Butterfinger candy bars under the Nabisco Brands. Finally, Nestlé incorporated both Butterfinger and Baby Ruth candy into their portfolio upon the acquisition of these two successful brands from Nabisco in 1990.

Until 2001, Nestlé and former owner, Nabisco, advertised Butterfinger through their collaboration with Bart Simpson and other characters and through slogans such as “Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger!”, “Nothin’ like a Butterfinger!” and “Bite my Butterfinger!” Currently featured slogans include “Follow the Finger” and “Break out of the ordinary!” Butterfinger candy bar has had a series of incredible and exciting commercials throughout its journey to success. Today, despite its clumsy and awkward name, Butterfinger remains unique with intense flavor and texture.

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