Costco Canada is a chain of warehouse clubs offering a wide range of food and non-food products in Canada. The chain is a subsidiary of Costco US, and is headquartered in Ontario, Canada.

The first Canadian Costco warehouse was opened in 1986. This warehouse club was located in Montreal. Ever since that first warehouse, the number of Costco warehouses has increased. Currently, Costco Canada has become its parent company’s largest market, aside from the United States. Other Costco foreign markets include Australia, Taiwan, Japan, Mexico, the United  Kingdom and Korea. As of September 2010, Costco had 572 warehouses, with Canada having the most number of warehouses among its foreign warehouse clubs.

In Canada, Costco is known as Costco Wholesale Canada Ltd., and is considered the leading wholesaler in the northern border country. The chain has approximately 80 warehouse clubs all over Canada. Costco even outnumbers SAM’S CLUB, its US rival, in the country.

In order to shop at Costco, one must register to become a member or pay a fee every time he shops. To register, one is required to pay a membership fee, which can range from $50 to $100. Recently, Costco Canada has started offering both members and non-members (those who pay a fee every time they shop) the option of shopping online. Customers who wish to become a member of the warehouse club can choose to be an executive member, gold star member or a business member. All of these kinds of memberships include a card for the member’s spouse, allowing him or her to shop at Costco as well. An executive membership has a registration fee of $100, a business membership $50 and a gold star membership $55. An executive member gets perks like a 2% reward every year.

Costco warehouse clubs normally offer discounts for bulk purchases on any of the stores products. The warehouse clubs offer food and non-food products like appliances, furniture, software, office products and grocery items. These products are also offered in its online shop. Aside from the products that are offered at the warehouse clubs, Costco also offers services in residential real estate and telecommunications, mortgages, express shipping, car rentals, and merchandise of custom logos.

Headquarters:Ottawa, Ontario
Ownership Type: A subsidiary of Costco US
Employees: 14,500
Demography: Wholesale products costumers


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