Delhaize America is a fully owned subsidiary of the Delhaize Group headquartered in Anderlecht, Brussels, Belgium. The supermarket chain focuses on food retailing. Delhaize Group was established by Jules Delhaize in 1867 in Charleroi, Belgium. The food retailer has locations in Europe, North America and South East Asia.

Delhaize America rapidly expanded its banners around the 1980’s and 1990’s, however with intense competition it has been forced repeatedly to close down some of its stores. The company in January 2012 announced that it would be closing 113 of its stores that it termed ‘under-performing.’ Of these all, Florida and Kentucky stores will be shut down. In addition, the company will be re-branding some of its stores in a new marketing strategy.

Unsanitary Practices

Delhaize America’s Food Lion subsidiary was the subject of an investigation by ABC News that was featured on Primetime Live in the 1990’s. Featured were claims that the Food Lion staff was using chlorine bleach to lighten discolored and expired pork. They were also accused of putting new expiry dates on already expired meats and using acetone (nail polish remover) to remove dates on already expired dairy products. The news station had footage taken by their undercover reporters posing as Food Lion employees.

In response, Food Lion sued ABC for fraud, trespassing and loyalty breach. The company released footage showing the reporters trying to encourage employees to engage in the unsanitary practices, but Food Lion employees resisted and followed correct procedures. The company was awarded damages, but an appellant court reduced the amount.

Locations: 1,625 supermarkets in 17 states.

Banners:  Food Lion, Bloom, Harveys Supermarket, Bottom Dollar Food, Reid’s, Hannaford Bros Co. and Sweetbay Supermarkets.