DunnesDunnes is a retail chain that is also referred to simply as Dunnes and is situated in Dublin, Ireland. The chain mainly sells clothes, household wares, and food. Dunnes has most of their big stores in the southern part of Ireland. It also has stores in Spain, England and Scotland. The chain stores have the format of a grocery supermarket that operates alongside textiles and clothing.


The history of Dunnes Stores dates back to March of 1944 following the establishment of the first Dunnes store. The opening was such a success that police officers had to come in to control the crowds. Dunne spent a good portion up to then working in the textile business for other companies. When he was asked to take over operations of Roches Stores, he declined the position because they wouldn’t give him a pay raise. That was when he decided to strike out on his own. Since that successful opening, the company has expanded and now has five stores in Southern Spain. In the 1980s, the company established stores in Great Britain. Other clothes and grocery store competition in Britain included Sheffield, Haymarket and Barnsley. The Dunnes non-food business tremendously expanded in 2000. Thereafter, it developed other locations. Many of the newer stores as of 2011 carry the signage of simply Dunnes, while others still carry the signage of Dunnes Stores. The same applies to advertising.

Dunnes Stores is a private company and its major competitors include SuperValu, Tesco Ireland, Aldi, Lidl and Superquinn. Dunnes has over the years tried to restructure its business in an effort to keep up with the competition and maintain its competitive advantage over most of its competitors. Some stores sell groceries and textiles, while some sell only one or the other.


Company headquarters: Dublin, Ireland

Ownership: Private Company

Number of Stores: More than 30

Geography: Scotland, England, Spain

Number of employees: 18,000

Demography: Green and organic shoppers, value shoppers


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