Fareway Stores, Inc.  is a large Midwest grocer dedicated to providing the freshest in produce, meats and other grocery items. Fareway was created out of a need for fairness, honesty and customer dedication and still today remains focused on holding family values in the highest regard and treating their customers, employees and vendors as family. The company prides itself on having the sames values as the people it serves, hard-working and family oriented.


Paul S. Beckwith, after working in the meat department of several grocery chains for years, noticed a shift from focus on customer service to financial and economical motives. Wanting to take grocery shopping back to how he knew it, Beckwith partnered with Fred E. Vitt, creating a market to keep employees happy and customers happy. He was named Vice President of the Fareway operation and manager of the Boone store. Due to the Boone store success, the company rapidly opened a headquarters and five more stores.

Fareway means a wide range of stock of foods, “fare” meaning food. Another meaning to the name is based on fairness, properly compensating employees so that their service is up to par with the prices, ensuring the happiness of everyone involved. Fareway is one of the largest employers in Iowa, and has expanded stores across the Midwest including Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska  and South Dakota.


Headquarters: Boone, Iowa
No. of Stores: 100 +
No. of Employees: 5,000
Private, Retail

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