farmfoodsFarmfoods is a United Kingdom-based chain of supermarkets that mostly deals in frozen foods. Since its inception, the company has tremendously grown and expanded. It has more than three hundred stores spread throughout the U.K.


Farmfoods was started more than fifty years ago and is a private company. The company started out as a meat processing business. Later on, it started freezing products with the sole purpose of widening its geographical distribution of catering outlets. A trial freezer center was established in Aberdeen in the early 1970s and it attained great success. The whole business had changed by the year 1975.The company was able to increase their scope from that year on. Additionally, it opened ten extra freezer centers in Scotland. This is when the current company and its current format were established. The company has expanded to thirty one stores in Scotland by 1988.

In about 1990, Farmfoods made its entry into England. It did so by acquiring eighteen stores from the company, Wallis Frozen Foods. Farmfoods expanded further in the early 1990s and acquired Capital Freezer Centers and other small-sized freezer centers countrywide. By the year 2011, the company had more than three hundred stores throughout the United Kingdom. Typically, the company stores were situated in town and city centers. However, the company has recently begun focusing on facilities that are out-of-town. Despite the fact that the company specializes on the provision of frozen foods, it has formed a wide range of grocery items in recent years.


Company headquarters: Aberdeen, Scotland

Ownership: Private Company

Number of store locations: 320 stores

Geography: Cumberland, U.K.

Demography: Value shoppers

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