gerberNestle Gerber manufactures healthy food products for babies and toddlers and represents a healthier future generation.

Gerber partnered with Nestle, that has almost one and a half centuries of experience in infant products, in creating healthy food products for kids. In the process, infant lives have been saved and parenting has been made more fun as mothers now can worry less about the general health of their young children. Gerber’s history dates back to 1927, from the couple Daniel and Dorothy Gerber. A pediatrician had advised the couple to strain their 7-month old daughter solid food and fruits. Eventually the couple, who owned a canning company, started producing the strained foods at the factory. Employees began asking for the product and Gerber baby foods was born. In 1963, Gerber brought to the market a safety-button cap that was tamper-evident for baby products, and was the first to use a “best before” date on their packaging.

Nestle purchased Gerber in 2007, and together they have been trusted with the nutrition of infants and toddlers all across America and in most other parts of the world. There are different types of Gerber brands for different categories of young children. Nestle Gerber infant formula is the perfect option for parents with infants, probably less than a year in age. This keeps the baby strong and gives them the strength to kick start their days and lives. Baby Cereal is the next product in the list. This is for toddlers, and other products that can suit toddlers perfectly include Gerber Graduates Toddler Meals and Gerber 5 Grain Toddler Cereals, which are good in providing your child with the energy they need to play and jump around.

Numerous researched for improvements on Nestle Gerber products are underway and the Gerber Fort Smith expansion scheme is an indication of the sales future for the brand.

Gerber Products

Gerber Infant Formula: powder and liquid, and soy formula powder

Gerber Cereals: Single grain in Rice, Wheat and Oatmeal, Multi-grain, Organic Single Grain Oatmeal and Organic Single Grain Brown Rice

Gerber Baby Foods

First Foods – 10 flavors, 6 organic flavors

Second Foods – over 50 flavors

Gerber Graduates toddler meals

Gerber Graduates toddler drink

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