Giorgio Foods Inc. Giorgio Foods, Inc. is a mushroom cultivating and processing company which sells fresh, frozen and processed mushrooms to all parts of the USA and internationally. Among the different varieties of mushrooms, the most popular one is the Portabella mushrooms. Apart from mushrooms, the company also sells mozzarella cheese sticks and Polish-style pierogies.

Giorgio Foods Inc. was founded by Pierto Giorgi in 1928 in Temple, Pennsylvania, when he constructed his first mushroom building. From then on, the company has been famous for its high quality mushroom varieties. In the 1950s, the company opened a cannery so they could meet the demands of the growing grocery industry. In the 1970s they built a modern new facility for packaging frozen mushrooms. They have been known since the beginning to focus on providing the best, highest quality mushrooms possible.

The company follows the Japanese philosophy of management called Kaizen. The emphasis of Kaizen is to continuously improve everything that is undertaken. For Giorgio Foods this includes improvements in the growing environment for the mushrooms, to perfecting better packaging and transportation in order to provide a fresher tasting product.

Giorgio Foods Inc. now has 3 mushroom farms. All the mushrooms are handpicked and are sent to specially built houses. Optimum humidity and temperature is maintained to ensure the mushrooms mature perfectly and are sold at their peak. The mushrooms are sold fresh, canned, jarred or frozen to parts of America, Canada, and Latin America.

Their products also include frozen breaded mushrooms and flavored breaded mozzarella cheese stick snacks, as well as  frozen Polish-style pierogies, mushroom steak sauce and brown gravy. Giorgio Foods also provides branded and private label jarred mushrooms. They produce millions of pounds of mushrooms every year. They grow White (or Button), Portobello, Italian Brown, Shiitake, Oyster and Enoki mushrooms.

In addition to their retail operations, Giorgio Foods also provides services and products to the food service industry. They will work with individual companies to create a desired mushroom flavor. Along with their usual retail grocery products such as mushroom sauces, breaded mozzarella sticks and pierogies, they provide cheese; pepperoni; sausage; breakfasts with ham and sausage; French bread pizzas with garlic, cheese, pepperoni and sausage; bagel pizzas; Stromboli; calzone; ready-made pizza and pizza crusts.

Company headquarters: Temple, PA, USA
Ownership: Private
No. of Mushroom Growing Farms: 3
Annual revenue: $25 million to $75 million
No of employees: 250 to 500
Geography: USA, Canada, Mexico and Latin America
Demography: Natural and Organic

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