jeweloscoJewel-Osco announced that it would be receiving what could well be the last Twinkies shipment to its stores located in the Chicagoland area yesterday. The snacks are a brand of Hostess, which is ceasing operations after long battles with unions. Twinkies is one of the popular snacks that Hostess makes, which also include Orange Cup cakes, Ding Dongs and Zingers. The retailer, who made the announcement in a Facebook post, said that it would not be limiting the number of boxes consumers could buy, though only small quantities would be on the shelves at stores as the quantities being shipped are few.

Hostess announced in November that it would have to sell off its operations to bidders. It is rumored that the snack maker will be selling its individual brands to interested buyers.

The retailer’s Facebook fans had different reactions to this announcement. While some placed bids for the snacks, others said they would buy the snacks if only ‘for old time sake,’ while others who did not particularly like the snack scoffed at the announcement.

November 21st saw Hostess Brands announce that it would continue with the liquidation process for the company after failed union talks. The maker of Twinkies, Wonder bread and other snack brands had tried to enter into talks with the Bakery, Confectionary, Tobacco and Grain Millers Union but the mediation efforts were unsuccessful. The company feared that a strike against its company would cause it huge losses, which it was already facing. The company had instituted Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization efforts since January and hence the union’s resistance to any agreements was the last straw.