LanceLance Bakery is a leading producer of private label crackers and cookies in the country. The company also manufactures snack food items for retail under the Lance® brand.

Lance Bakery was founded by Philip Lance in 1913. Lance started his business by selling roasted peanuts in Charlotte for a nickel per bag. During those days, Lance’s capital was only $60. Three years after, Lance began offering people a taste of the family’s peanut butter spread, which they put on crackers. This was the start of their first product, the sandwich cracker in peanut butter flavor. As the company’s customer base grew, Lance also gradually expanded its business and added new products to offer customers.

In 1938, Lance started to bake its cracker products and introduced Toastchee®. This snack food quickly became popular to consumers and is even now still considered a favorite by American snackers. A year after, the company first exceeded the $2 million mark and changed its name to Lance, Inc.

Over the years, Lance has evolved into a multi-million dollar company producing a wide variety of snack foods, from sandwich crackers to cookies and potato chips. Despite its evolution however, the company still maintains its philosophy of customer focus, as well as the familial atmosphere that has become the company’s guide ever since it was founded. Lance currently has over 5000 committed employees and has achieved more than $900 million in total sales per year. Lance now has manufacturing facilities in Iowa, Massachusetts, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, Texas, and even in Ontario, Canada. The company has a number of distribution channels which include direct-to-store distribution and independent distribution. Lance’s products are currently distributed to grocery stores, convenience stores, food service outlets and club stores.

In December of 2010, Lance Inc. went into a merger with Snyder’s of Hanover, Inc. The newly-merged company now has a portfolio of well-established brands for snack food products. This brands include Snyder’s of Hanover®, Cape Cod®, Tom’s®, O-Ke-Doke®, Krunchers! ®, and Lance®. In March of this year, Lance partnered with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation to help the organization find a cure for Diabetes-Type 1.

Headquarters: Culver City, California
Ownership Type: Public
No. of Employees: 7,000 (Lance, Inc.)
Geography: USA, North America
Demography: snack food consumers

Snyder’s of Hanover®, Cape Cod®, Tom’s®, O-Ke-Doke®, Krunchers! ®, Lance®, Naturals®, Grande®, Jay’s

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