frozen dinnerOver the last few decades, there has been an increase in the number of employed couples who juggle between meeting work deadlines and the daily household chores. Such couples rarely have time to prepare fresh meals on a daily basis. This is where frozen foods come in handy. These include foods such as pizza and burgers. Frozen foods have gained intense controversy on whether they have the same nutritional value as freshly cooked foods.

A major problem prepared frozen foods is that they contain hydrogenated palm oil, which may have negative health effects. Another issue with prepared frozen foods is their high sodium content, which increases the risk of hypertension.

How to Make Them Healthier

Although prepared frozen foods may have a different nutritional value than freshly cooked meals, there are ways to make them healthier. One of the key tips is avoiding frozen food containing any form of cheese sauce. Meals containing cheese have high saturated fat and calorie content. A shopper should also avoid purchasing frozen fruits that are packed in syrup. As the rule of the thumb dictates, all ingredients should be carefully examined. The vegetables and fruits themselves should be the only ingredients that should be listed on the package of vegetables or fruits that are being purchased.

For a healthier meal, it is advisable to have a serving of salad or fruits and vegetables on the side along with frozen meals. The important fact to keep in mind is that prepared frozen foods are unhealthy when consumed alone. Their consumption should be restricted to when there is no other option left. Finally, it is recommended to plan meals accordingly and pay attention to nutritional labels.