grocers marketNatural Grocers is a business that has been in operation for more than fifty years. It started out as a door-to-door business and gradually grew and expanded into different locations. Since its inception, the company has always shown commitment to serving its customers.


Philip and Margaret Isely founded the Vitamin Cottage, that eventually became Natural Grocers in 1955. It began as a door-to-door business where different healthy products were sold to customers in the small town of Golden, Colorado. Additionally, Margaret and Phillip shared nutritional information with the people they encountered. They believed that people who possessed nutrition knowledge were more likely to purchase healthier foods. Within a short time, the door-to-door business became successful and the first retail location was opened. The first retail store was characterized by a storefront that had a cottage appearance. This is where the name “Vitamin Cottage” was coined from.

More than fifty years down the line, Natural Grocers is committed to providing the best services and products to its customers. The company provides customer service that is exceptional. Customers also get health and nutritional information for free. The market offers exceptional quality food products that are natural and organic, and are sourced from local farmers whenever possible. It is also essential to acknowledge the fact that Natural Grocers offers great jobs that allow employees to experience a balanced life.


Headquarters: 12612 West Alameda Parkway, Denver CO 80228

Ownership: Family ownership

No. of Stores: 65 retail grocery stores

Number of Employees: About 1500 employees

Geography: Colorado, Arizona, Kansas, Idaho, Nebraska, Montana, Missouri, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas, Oregon, Wyoming, Utah, Salem, Tulsa, Omaha, Portland, Topeka, Idaho Falls, Wichita Falls, and Corvallis

Demography: Organic and natural shoppers, value shoppers


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