SuperValu DistributionSuperValu Dominates the grocery chain market

SuperValu has a 130 year history starting from the Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN – USA. As of 2010, SUPERVALU handles 15 percent of the nation’s food distribution business, and is the third-largest grocery retailing company in the U.S.

Super Value Grocery Chain started as the combination of B.S. Bull and Winston and Newell Company, the direct parents of SUPERVALU®. Originally started in the Minneapolis/ St. Paul, Minnesota region, SuperValu rose to the top by being innovative and progressive with their food handling methods.

They were one of the first companies to have elevators and chutes between floors of their warehouses, and one of the first to offer delivery service via motorized trucks. As early as 1928, Winston and Newell Company was one of the first distributors to affiliate with the Independent Grocers Alliance (IGA). This affiliation, introduced concepts such as self-serve and cash-and-carry.

By 1942, Winston and Newell dissolve their IGA affiliation in favor of forming a “virtual chain.” The company offers affiliated retailers a program of services that stresses nationally advertised brands, advice on store fixtures and layout and supported advertising. In return, retailers operate under the SuperValu and U-Save names.

It was 1954 when Winston and Newell change the company name to SuperValu, more closely aligning the company with its successful retailers. Two years later in 1955, they acquire 12 regional food wholesalers, primarily in the Midwest, Southeast and Northwest United States. This distribution business expansion strategy lasts until the late 1980s.

Mike Wright is named company president and CEO in 1981, and stays there for more than two decades.

Between 1988 and 1994, SuperValu’s affiliated retailers’ begin to combine sales making them the second largest food retailing group in the United States. The company is serving more than 3,100 stores in 32 states. These include:

  • Acme – 117 stores – Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania
  • Jewl Osco – 182 stores – Chicago
  • Shaw’s / Star Market – 169 stores – Boston, New England
  • Albertsons – 453 stores – Nevada, Northwestern United States, and Southern California
  • Hornbacher’s – 6 stores – Fargo and West Fargo, North Dakota and Moorhead, Minnesota
  • Cub – 46 stores – Minneapolis/St. Paul
  • SHOP ‘N SAVE  – 42 stores – St. Louis
  • SAVE-A-LOT – 1280 stores –  Midwest, east of the Mississippi, Maine to Florida, and Texas.
  • Farm Fresh – 43 stores – Hampton Roads and Richmond, Virginia; Elizabeth City, North Carolina
  • Lucky – 4 stores –  Southern California
  • Shoppers – 56 stores – Baltimore, northern Virginia and Washington, D.C.

Other SuperValu affiliates and properties:

  • Hyper Shoppes, Inc.,
  • Bigg’s Hyper Markets
  • Richfood Holdings
  • Scott’s Foods
  • Deal$: Nothing Over a Dollar
  • Total Logistic Control (TLC), a third-party logistics company
  • W. NEWELL®, a specialty produce distribution company
  • Retail properties of ALBERTSONS

In 2001, Jeff Noddle is named chief executive officer, and chairman of the board of SUPERVALU, following more than two decades of leadership by Mike Wright. Under his direction, SUPERVALU also launches SVHarbor, an Internet-enabled business-to-business portal for affiliate retailers, manufacturer partners and distribution operations.

In 2006 SuperValu acquired the Boise, Idaho-based Albertsons, Inc. adding 1,124 stores. With the acquisition of Albertsons SuperValu becomes the third-largest grocery retailing company in the U.S.

In 2009, Craig Herkert is named president and chief executive officer of SUPERVALU, following a decade of leadership by Jeff Noddle.

Headquarters: Eden Prairie, Minnesota
No. of Stores: estimated to be 2,505 (2010)
No. of Employees: 192,000
Revenue: $40.6 billion
Geography: 2,500 stores, in 28 States, including Washington, D.C.
Special Services: SuperValu operates 2,505 food and food/drug combination stores, 878 in-store pharmacies, 117 fuel centers and serves as primary distributor to an additional 2,200 stores.

ACME, Albertsons, Biggs, Bristol Farms, Cub Foods, Farm Fresh, Hornbacher’s, Jewel-Osco, Lucky, Save-A-Lot, Shaw’s, Shop ‘n Save, Shoppers
Affiliate Stores: Dierbergs, Festival, County Market, Foodland, Scotts, IGA, Shop ‘n Save, Great Valu Foods Stores.

Arctic Shores™, Baby Basics®, Carlita™, Culinary Circle™, Equaline®, Farm Fresh®, Farm Stand®, Flavorite®, Happy Tails, homelife®, Java Delight®, Max™ Velocity, NutriPlan®, Richfood®, Shoppers Value®, Stockman & Dakota™, Stone Ridge Creamery®, SuperChill®, SuperCrunch, wild harvest™

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