Aldi StoreALDI is looking at possible sites on Broadway, in Buffalo, New York, to put up one of its stores. One of its prospect sites is just opposite to the Broadway Market, Sattler’s old location.

However, a debate has sprung up regarding ALDI’s plan to put up this new store. Concerned residents are a little apprehensive about the impact that this project would have on Broadway Market, a city-owned establishment that houses many different vendors.

Supporters of the project say that a new ALDI store will attract more customers to their neighborhood. It would also help create additional businesses in the area. According to community leader Eddy Dobosiewicz, he is being optimistic about the project, especially if it’s properly designed. He added that in order for the project to succeed, ALDI should be designed in a way so as not to make it look suburban in style. The new ALDI store should also be designed very close to the Broadway Market, with parking at the back to create synergy.

David Franczyk, Council President, has already met with the discount giant and expressed his concerns about the market vendors who are already struggling, even without ALDI’s presence in the area. He added that having an ALDI close to Broadway Market could possibly mean a major disadvantage for the neighborhood. However, Franczyck also stated that he is still unsure about what ALDI could ultimately bring for Broadway Market. What he does want is something that will complement it, instead of hurt it.