Kraft FoodsKraft Foods, Inc. has launched a new product that will add exciting flavor to any chicken dish. This new product is called the Philadelphia Cooking Crème.

This new cooking crème from Kraft aims to spice up those chicken dishes that have started to be boring after being cooked repeatedly for a number of mealtimes. This new product is easy to blend, is spoon-able and is easily stirred into any casserole, pasta or skillet.

From a product that is chef-inspired, Philadelphia Cooking Crème has been made from a combination of herbs, spices and cheeses, making it a savory cream that will enrich any food that it is added to. This cooking crème is intended to replace condensed soup or sour cream, which is commonly added to a number of chicken dishes in order to attain a creamy texture. The new Philadelphia Cooking Crème will give that smooth and creamy texture to any chicken dish, and at the same time, liven it up with its distinctive flavor.

Since chicken dishes have always been a favorite of American consumers, Kraft has came up with this new cooking cream as a response to homemakers saying that they sometimes become bored with cooking the same dishes week after week.

Philadelphia’s Cooking Crème is available in four distinct and flavorful varieties: Original, Savory Garlic, Santa Fe Blend, and Italian Cheese and Herb. Since it was launched in the second quarter of this year, this new product from Kraft is available nationwide at a price of $2.99 for every 10 ounce tub.