iPhone Application for Grocery Shopping A company in Quincy, Massachusetts has developed an application that aims to make grocery shopping more convenient.

The application allows the iPhone to act as a scanner for your purchases in the grocery. Testing this pilot program is Stop & Shop and is planning to start it in three of its stores in Massachusetts by Summer. John Caron, who is a representative for Modiv Media, said that the application will bring a significant change in the retail system. Modiv Media is the company that created the said application.

Here is how the application works: use the iPhone’s camera and take a picture of the grocery item’s barcode. The application will then keep track of what you have spent. It sometimes even offers you coupons for grocery items that have been tailored to your habits when grocery shopping. One advantage of this application is that it reduces the necessity for handheld scanners which are now being currently used. With this, retailers lower their costs and customers now will feel more involved and interested because their phones will be the ones scanning their purchases.

Caron also added that they are expecting a lot of users for this application since a large percentage of people have smartphones. The application will be especially useful for moms or dads who have to bring their kids when grocery shopping. With it, they would not have to wait so much when paying for their groceries because they would not have to stand in line while waiting for all the barcodes to be scanned at the counter.

Currently, the application is designed for iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4. The company is currently developing the same application, but one that will work with Android phones.