New York-based food company Beech-Nut has introduced a new line of nutritious and great-tasting baby foods. This range of baby foods features the company’s purees, and has been co-branded with popular brand, Mott’s Applesauce.

The new line of baby foods is divided into stages and has been made from all natural ingredients. Beech-Nut assures parents, especially mothers, that these products have a taste that babies will enjoy. Mott’s, on the other hand, is a popular Dr. Pepper Snapple Group brand. In fact, Mott’s is a market leader when it comes to apple juice and applesauce.

According to Mott’s Marketing Director Allison Methvin, Mott’s has been creating healthy and delicious products for both children and adult consumers. Methvin added that Mott’s is excited to partner with Beech-Nut in order to provide mothers with a new nutritious and convenient product that’s suited for their babies.

As Beech-Nut is a known trusted brand when it comes to baby food products, the combination of Beech-Nut and Mott’s will assure mothers that the new range of products is both nutritious and delicious. In the area of baby foods, Beech-Nut was the first company to introduce glass jar containers and vacuum-seal packaging. Beech-Nut’s purees remain made from all natural ingredients and contain no artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors. Varieties of this new line of baby foods include applesauce, mango and kiwi, pears and bananas, apples, apples and cherries, rolled oats with apples and peach-apple-banana. The range of baby foods is available in three stages: Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3.

This Beech-Nut/Mott’s line of baby foods is now available in retail stores nationwide. Suggested selling price for Stage 1 is 50 cents, 55 cents for Stage 2 and 75 cents for Stage 3.